Eating Your Way Around Athens, Greece In A Day

Athens Greece
Birds-eye view of Athens, Greece.

It’s one of the oldest cities on the planet, the birthplace of democracy, and a destination where history greets you at every corner. But just because Athens, Greece is deeply rooted in antiquity doesn’t mean that its cuisine isn’t cutting-edge. When hashing out a dining agenda in the cradle of Western civilization, bypass restaurants hawking tourist specials of pastitso and moussaka and indulge in fare with a local flair instead. Read More On Forbes Travel Guide>>

Five Essential Vegan Hot Spots In Los Angeles

Photos courtesy of Crossroads and M.A.K.E.

Vegan dining in Los Angeles used to equate to fast and casual spots serving loads of processed and fried fare — not a winning choice for sophisticated foodies who prefer their menus animal-free. But with choice new spots, the City of Angels now stands out as a vegan’s haven with an eclectic mix of elevated dining establishments flaunting delectable cuisine and appealing ambiance. Here are five places where you can fawn over freshness and flavor. Read More On Forbes Travel Guide>>