Sliders the Greek Way


This slider recipe is super versatile and perfect for warm-weather entertaining. It’s a riff on the classic Greek recipe for Keftedes (herbed meatballs). You can use whatever meat you prefer to eat, and take their flavor to the next level with fresh herbs and aromatics. They’re best on the grill, but can definitely cooked on your stove if one isn’t available. Get the recipe on

Plan the Perfect Greek Island Getaway to Naxos


If it seems like everyone you know is visiting Greece this summer, they probably are. Tourism numbers for the dreamy Mediterranean country are projected to spike to 30 million visitors up from 27.5 million people in 2016. And while the white-washed buildings of picturesque Cycladic islands like Mykonos and Santorini are probably on your bucket list, why not ditch the crowds for a perfect getaway on Naxos — the largest island in their group. Here’s what you need to know.  Read More on>>

4 Must-Visit Greek Islands that Aren’t Mykonos or Santorini

balos beach

When you think of a Greek island holiday, the epic sunsets of Santorini and legendary beach parties of Mykonos are likely the first things that come to mind. But there is much more to discover in Greece. The European country is comprised of nearly 227 inhabited islands with one of the longest coastlines in the Mediterranean. With that inventory, you don’t have to brave traffic jams and package-tourism overcrowding to find the perfect seaside getaway. Try these four spots to enjoy Greece’s clear blue seas, pristine beaches, and unique culture… Read More on>>