What to Know about Aja Malibu — A New 10K/Week Luxury Retreat

aja malibu

The road to Aja Malibu is windy — one that mystifies even the most sophisticated GPS systems. Perhaps they meant for it to be that way. When you arrive, you are urged to disconnect from the outside world (i.e. deposit your electronic devices at the door) and let your healing begin.

The $10,000 per week seven-bedroom luxury-boutique mountain retreat for the health and wellness-seeking connoisseur sits on a 23-acre property off Latigo Canyon Road in Malibu. It opened in August after an eight-year renovation; the site formerly housed a property President Roosevelt built in the 1940s. It boasts expansive mountain vistas, reaching all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Once you step foot on the grounds, its energy envelops you and you’re ready to begin your journey. Find out what’s in store… Read More on LuggageFree.com